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Introduce Yourself New Members; Drop in and introduce yourself here.

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Default Nike TN 2018var ezzns22 = 1.30

Affordable Eco Shoes from Zoe & Zac
Summer Rayne Oaks and Payless Shoe Source have teemed approximately bring affordable eco-shoes on the masses. Stylish and sustainable, all shoes inside the collection are priced under thirty dollars.
Eco-model, designer and global activist Summer Rayne Oaks has collaborated with Payless Shoe Source over a series of eco-footwear lines. Summer has built the Zoe & Zac collection to create eco-fashion to everyone at cheap pricing while supporting and promoting environmental awareness.
Having launched as an element of the Payless Spring 2009 collection,Air Jordan Pas Cher, the Zoe & Zac styles are presently available in over one thousand Payless shoe stores through the United States and will be purchased through Payless's internet store as well. The green shoe collection has since expanded since 2009 and today includes winter boots and fall flats who have carried over to the 2011 & 2012 design years. For more information on eco-fashion in the evening green shoes, take a look at Eco-Fashion from Recycled Plastic Bags and Sustianable Eco Fashion from Choolips.

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Zoe & Zac's subject is "fresh green fashion" also it easy to see why when one receives a chance to check out the various styles available. You won't find plain-jane hippy footwear through this collection instead an array of colorful and chic eco-shoes that blend sustainable fashion and affordability. All eco-fashion footwear offered through Payless Shoe Source is under thirty dollars some. Currently, the product only contains earth friendly shoes and accessories for girls and girls, there's no word yet on when or if a brand of green shoe fashion becomes available for your men and boys.
eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'brighthub_com-box-4','ezslot_3']));The materials define the basis with the Zoe & Zac line are eco-friendly and sustainable. Organic cotton, hemp and jute would be the main fabric fibers used as the hardware used is nickle free. Other eco-materials utilized are recycled rubber from tires, elastic created from recycled plastic bottles and glue that is certainly water based and non-toxic. The collection also uses sustainable fibers called vegetable ivory on the Tagua palm tree.
The green collection line features over twenty different shoe styles within women's and girl's standard American sizes; size 5 through 11 for female and 1 through 13 for females. Shoe styles consist of espadrille wedges by way of oxfords, ballet flats and ankle boots.
Under the women's selection, the most famous eco-shoe for Spring is apparently the Tigerlilly Espadrille Wedge that retails for $26.99 and can be purchased in pink, purple and black.
For girls selection, the seemingly hottest shoe seems to be the Snapdragon Ballet Flat that retails for $19.99 and will come in brown or eggplant using a line white design flower motif.

Their winter and fall shoe collections included styles, such as popular Anise bow flat that may be seen inside the image to for the right. This shoe retails through Payless at $24.99 and also comes in four different colors with associated decorative bows.
For more information on this newest eco-shoe fashion line, you can go to either the Payless page at or Summer's main collection page at

*images used were given by and are Copyright 2008 Eastborough, Inc.
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