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Madden Xbox Majors C4's #1 Madden NFL Xbox Online League.

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Default Season 49 playoff predictions



BKP vs Piano

I got to go with piano. Bk has made it clear he hates this game and I think piano is gonna be a little sharper. Both teams QB's are awful so it's gonna come down to who gets more breaks for sure.

CHAD vs Last kings

This should be good. I'm going to go with lastkings. I think his team is just too much for the chargers. As good as Chad is I feel like it's lastkings game too lose.


Jaystacks vs keykav

I'm going with the favorite here. Despite the team. It should be a good game too watch.

Mcbee vs killaman

Mcbee knows he was the tallest midget in that division but he still is going to fight. I like killaman here but don't be surprised if the Seahawks win.



Piano vs sjmayem

Sjmayhem is the favorite here and he is nasty with the Jags. I like him to advance.

Lastkings vs shorttexasgoon

Texasgoon is on a roll. He should get this one.


Bgard vs keykav

I like Bgard to get this one. It should be tuff.

Jett vs dakillaman

This is that don't blow it game. Jett has the by and the best team on the game. 100 bucks and a copy of madden on the line. I like Jett in this one.



Sjmayem vs Texas goon

I'm going off the rails here and going with Texas goon. This should be the best playoff game.


jetlife vs Bgard

This I don't know. I'm just going to go with Julio. The falcons may be too much.

More crash here
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